Mortgage Aggregator

Being a new Mortgage Broker today provides many options when it comes to selecting a Mortgage Aggregator.

Choosing a Mortgage Aggregation service is one of the most important pieces of the jig saw to becoming a successful Mortgage Broker.

A new Mortgage Broker needs to decide what levels of support and other requirements they need to be fulfilled when entering the Mortgage Broker industry and build a picture of a Broker Aggregation service based on those requirement.

Broker Aggregation models offer different levels of service and different commission structures to match.

There are many major considerations when it comes to choosing a Mortgage Aggregation service here is some:

  • Leads or what support there is to help generate leads
  • NCCP support
  • Commissions
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Lender Panel
  • Their Goals (don’t become a number)

After weighing up your needs against what’s on offer and if there is a good match then that may be its a green light.

But and a big BUT….Before you do anything you should get your Mortgage Broker BLUE PRINT which helps you step through the process to deciding first is being a Mortgage Broker is right for you, what your needs are and which Mortgage Aggregators bring the most benefits that match your needs.