Mortgage Broking Course

To become a Mortgage Broker there are minimum entry requirements and these depend mainly on the Professional Mortgage Broker Association you decide to join.

All Mortgage Aggregation services require you to join a Mortgage Broker Association either MFAA or FBAA.

As these are the two Professional Mortgage Broker Associations you have to choose from the following are their education requirements:
MFAA- Diploma of Financial Services-Mortgages
FBAA- Certificate 4 of Financial Services-Mortgages

There are many Mortgage Broking Courses available and presented either in a class room or via the internet or with a combination of both.

Which Mortgage Broking Course you decide on will vary depending on the speed you need your qualification and what time you have available to complete the Mortgage Broking Course.

Also some Mortgage Aggregators have their own Mortgage Broking Course which they will insist you undertake before they will accept you as a Mortgage Broker. So stepping through the process of which Mortgage Aggregator fits your requirements should be a high priority.

To help you start ticking the right boxes and selecting the right Mortgage Broking Course and Mortgage Aggregator is to down load your mortgage broker blue print now, The mortgage broker blue print shows you the steps to starting a professional career as a Mortgage Broker Get Your Blue Print below.